Saturday, 22 March 2014

The Buzzing Boston Tea Party Launch

Sometimes there are places that I just want to keep secret and not let anyone know about as they're just too good to share and last night I was invited to the launch party of one such place, the Boston Tea Party cafe in Cheltenham!

Boston Tea Party, for those of you who have never visited is a small chain of family owned cafes that stretch from Birmingham down to Honiton and the latest in Cheltenham is opening on Monday, 24th March. It seats 100 in comfy seats, tables and booths in a spacious layout, and oozes rustic charm with recycled wood cladding on the walls, large metal factory lights, repurposed tables and the now uniform enamelware. The slightly quirky layout really lends itself well to creating different 'rooms' with easy chairs in one part, long banquettes in others, a concrete 'bar' in front of large windows that will fold back in the summer and cosy booths for those wanting a little privacy.

I love how they created a Pinterest board of interior inspiration for their cafe too, and whoever took on their brief has got it pretty spot on. When I went to Uni in Cheltenham a few *ahem* years ago, at the time when the TV series Friends was popular, we would have loved to have somewhere cool and trendy like this to hangout and probably work in too. Now living in the country, I sometimes consider living back in town just to be in walking distance of places like this.

The new cafe is next door to the refurbished Museum and Art Gallery, The Wilson, in Clarence Street, and opening times are from 7am - 9pm (7am - 6pm on Sundays) with a real emphasis on breakfasts. I love breakfasts and would far rather eat out for breakfast than any other meal to be honest. When the children were babies and we had been awake since an ungodly hour, we would often meet friends for breakfast, it seemed like a lovely leisurely way to start the day and children seem to be at their best earlier on too.

At the party we were treated to never-ending samples of food and drink from the menu, with smiley lovely staff proudly detailing all the ingredients and supplier information, notably local too, from Hobbs House bread and Yeo Valley milk to Bristol Beer. I was also pleased to see that the eggs and meat are also 100% free range from the West Country. The menu has been crafted to be affordable yet with an air of rustic simplicity that showcases the quality ingredients, which will certainly set the bar a lot higher for similar establishments in the town. I took my most fussy-eater with me, who loved the lamb burger so much he decided to hang out near the kitchen to be first in-line! I personally loved the scotch eggs, the side dish of courgette fritters in buttermilk batter and the brownies of course, which we washed down with glass jars of the most delicious homemade lemonade and freshly squeezed orange juice.

I seem to be raving about this place, maybe it was the infectious enthusiasm of the staff, maybe it was the great menu with loads of things that I'd like to try or maybe just the relaxed family friendliness of the place. One thing's for sure, there's a buzz around this new cafe opening and we will be back and very soon too!


  1. One to try next time i an in Cheltenham. Mark and I talk about moving there often, I love it x

  2. I LOVE Boston Tea Party, it's gorgeous in there and the pancake and bacon breakfast is delicious. Even the toilet in there looks lush! I agree with you, I don't like to tell too many people about it though, it feels like 'my little secret'!


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