Saturday, 1 March 2014

Bread with homemade butter

Our 52 loaves project loaf went a little wrong this week as I didn't notice that the babe pressed the button on the digital scales to turn measurements to ml instead of grams, so quantities of the flour were inconsistent! It turned out OK though, a usual white loaf with some of the white flour substituted for wholemeal, so a sort of half and half!

We thought we'd make some butter too this week to eat with our loaf and the last of our hedgerow jam. It is really easy and fun to make.

How to make butter

You need a jam jar with a lid that will firmly close and some double cream, that's it!

Fill the jar about a third full with the cream and start shaking it up and down!

at first the consistency resembles whipping cream, but don't worry and don't stop!

keep shaking, depending how fresh your cream is it could take around 20 minutes to turn into butter.

You'll know when it's changed as you'll feel a lump shaking up and down rather than liquid sloshing.

You now have buttermilk and butter!

Ideally, strain out the buttermilk in a muslin - we couldn't wait so just used a sieve!

Enjoy with your fresh bread straight out of the oven and a big dollop of homemade jam - perfect!

Playing along with Little Green Shed by baking a loaf a week and sharing a picture of it on Instagram with the #52loavesproject

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