Wednesday, 2 October 2013

How do you measure a child's potential?

In each question, find the number that continues the series. 

Q. 41 
27     31     35     39     (?)

Q. 42
1       1       2       4       7     (?)

Q. 43
1      3       7       15       31       (?)

Three of these four words are given in code.
The codes are not written in the same order as the words and one code is missing. 

TEAM       FATE       SEAT       FAME
 4256           3625         1623

Q. 70 Find the code for the word FATE

Q. 71 Find the code for the word TEAS

Q. 72 Find the word that has the number code 1256

These are just some practice questions that we've been doing for the grammar school entrance test that my eldest son will be taking on Saturday. I struggle to answer them to be truthful, especially 80 questions in 50 minutes. I have very mixed emotions about this test. Firstly, I think all children should go to their nearest school regardless of ability and secondly, how do two 50 minute tests truly measure a child's potential? We're trying to stay nonchalant about the whole affair and not get swept up by other's worry and stress, but that's easier said than done right now!

Oh and answers to the questions below please - you have three minutes. 


  1. Q. 41 - 43
    Q. 42 - 11
    Q. 43 - 93
    Q. 70 - 4236
    Q. 71 - 3621
    Q. 72 - SAME

    1. You have five out of six. Q.43 isn't correct I'm afraid

  2. Wishing him well, and you too. I know how it feels, I am just glad that is all behind us.

  3. I sat and looked through a grammar test paper that a daughter of a friend has been having tutoring for. They stumped me. Basically the daughter was being tutored to know how to sit that style of paper. Bonkers.


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