Monday, 26 August 2013

Hedgerow and Coastal Wild Food Foraging at Prussia Cove

My eldest son and I enjoyed a hedgerow and coastal wild food forage with Rachel Lambert whilst on holiday in Cornwall. It was in the most wonderful setting, Prussia Cove, along secret paths and lanes, past beautiful cottages with their rich history of smuggling and along the spectacular coastal path lined with purple heather against a shimmering turquoise sea. 

Rachel was lovely and showed us how to identify common chickweed, common hogweed, ground ivy,  Alexanders, common sorrel, yarrow, wild carrot and gut weed. We learnt how to identify the plants and more importantly the plants that they can be confused with that aren't edible!

We scribbled a lot of notes and made sketches in our notebooks!

After the walk we headed to the pebbly cove for a picnic, Rachel had prepared food using some of the plants we had found and gathered along the way. It was really delicious and a wonderful experience to share with my boy too, who really enjoyed it. 

Rachel's Picnic Menu

Bread made with Alexanders seed
Oatcakes made with gutweed and common hogweed seeds
Green salad made with lettuce and foraged greens; sorrel, ground ivy, yarrow and common chickweed
Pesto made with nettles, garlic and olive oil
Oatcakes made with wild carrot seeds

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  1. Is that Besseys Cove? My most favourite place! I have many happy childhood memories and visit with my family whenever possibel. I love the film "Ladies In Lavender" because it eas filmed there!


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