Thursday, 6 June 2013


There is nothing better this time of year than a British hedgerow bursting with cow parsley, herb Robert, a few late bluebells and orchids. The narrow lanes around me are lined with the white lacy umbellifer, cow parsley, that dances in the breeze as you drive past. Our recent trip to Wales, had equally enchanting hedgerows, but with the yellow flowers of gorse in it, which looked amazing against the blue sky.

We have lost so many flower rich meadows in this country, 97% since the 1930s, so roadside verges are now really important habitat. Unfortunately many local councils at this time of year come along and cut all of this beauty down so the charity Plantlife has launched a Road Verge Campaign, to raise awareness and encourage councils not to be so hasty when it comes to mowing. I hope councils will take heed and help protect the hedgerow habitat that remains.

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