Sunday, 2 June 2013


 A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013

A day relaxing at home and an impromptu pirate ship was made by 'borrowing' a tea towel and taking two clothes pegs from the washing line to make a mast and flag. I love lazy days like these and hope images like these and the sundae making that followed will be etched on my memory for ever. We spent lots of time with Grandad this week, and he gets very muddled with his short term memory, but always has a yarn to tell about his youth. It has really made me value my pictures and I really should print them out and write on the back of them in case, heaven forbid I ever forget all the stories and the people in them. 

Ted: "Argh" he is saying in full 'Pirate' mode whilst winking! Since he turned seven this once quiet boy is certainly turning into quite a character, he is absolutely hilarious. 
Stanley: Not sure why he's been put in the bath! 

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  1. Isn't imagination brilliant?! The simplest props bring a whole story to life. And that pirate face - fantastic! Love your idea of writing on the back of the photographs too - wonderfully tangible in this online world we live in.


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