Thursday, 14 February 2013

it's a really big deal to me...

MAD Blog Awards

I want to be cool and pretend like it's not a big deal and that it doesn't matter. But do you know - actually sometimes it does! To receive nominations for something you love doing is a hell of a big deal and to know that people *YOU* enjoy my blog enough to actually nominate me makes my stomach flip with glee. There I've said it, I didn't want to say it because if I don't reach the finals I'll be embarrassed about being so open and laying it out for all to see, but there we are.

The MAD blog awards are the top mum and dad blogs in the UK and just to be listed alongside of some of these bloggers is awesome (to coin one of my nine year olds current words!) I don't blog to win awards or solicit praise, but when people say they like my photography for example I feel the same sense of pride that my children do when handing me their 'achievement awards' from school! Or as one mum said at the school gate, after discovering my blog "I never realised you were so interesting" - gee thanks!

So thank you so much for nominating me for a MAD blog award, and not just in one category but five! I'm sure I don't deserve the best baby blog or best writer (look how many exclamation marks I use!), but I'm over the moon to rank alongside some great blogs in the best family life and best school days blog and best photography nominations are just the icing on the cake!

There's still time to nominate your favourite blogs before nominations close on the 18th, the four most nominated blogs in each category will go through, along with a judges favourite and then voting will start. Whilst you're over there, take a look at the nominations, especially if you're looking for lots of fab new blogs to follow - my google reading list looks pretty much like the list!


  1. Fingers crossed. I nominated you for best family life. Your blog about going for an outdoor barbeque with your boys after school, making gingerbread men and beautiful hot chocolate are all things that have inspired me this year. Good luck x

  2. Well deserved, lovely blog. Not sure if im eligible to vote being out of the uk, but i will try x

    1. Thank you Max,
      I don't know whether it matters where you live to nominate, I'll go and take a look,
      Emma x


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