Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Indoor Den Building Update...

I just wanted to share with you these wonderful indoor dens, aren't they fab? If you've made one, don't forget to blog about it and link to it using the widget below and I'll do another update next week. Read more about den building week here.


  1. Dear Emma, thank you for promoting the joy of constructing and crawling into a den. This is the great architecture of childhood. Building materials never are scare. When my little almost 2 year-old grand daughter Lucy was under the weather and the weather, too, was glum. She and I built a den (we often call them "forts" here in the states). Sheets, throws, pillows, benches chairs . . . it was amazing and Lucy loved it.
    I love to visit you and learn of your adventures for children.
    Linda in Virginia, USA

  2. Not den-related whatsover, but I wanted to say how much I love your new header! Blog is looking lovely, Mrs B x


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