Monday, 11 February 2013

capturing stories...

My love of photography comes from my mother, when I was growing up she had drawers stuffed full of old photographs. As a child I would beg her to tell me stories about the people in the sepia pictures that we'd find; Great Great Grandma Wood (pictured above), who outlived her eleven children, Great Grandfather Stephens who played for Gloucester Rugby Club in its earliest years and got married on Christmas Day in 1900 so he could play rugby on Boxing Day!

She recently found a bundle of negatives in an old envelope and had them developed, they are just wonderful and have transported us back to late Victorian times, where people lived simply and worked hard. We pour over the photographs looking for family resemblances.

I started researching our family tree when I was expecting my first child, as suddenly genetics and family history became more relevant, as well as looking for name inspiration! I was very interestd to find on my Great-Great-Great Grandads birth certificate that he was born 'on the Atlantic' how exciting it sounded, we must be more interesting than I first realised. But after some further research using Ancestry, I discovered that his father came from Stroud (where I live now), moved to Ireland where he met his wife, emigrated to the US and had his first child, only to return to England having his second son on the ship home again! So in 300+ years we haven't got that far.

I am hoping to do some more research as I think we can trace our family tree further back and then collate all the pictures and stories into a book that I can hand it down to my boys to treasure as they grow up.

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  1. Fascinating story - my g-grandfather was born in New York to Geordie parents but they returned to Newcastle very shortly after his birth. Have no idea why they went or came back but he was given fabulous half Geordie-half New York names - Richard Dariano Rosso Redpath! Again no idea why.


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