Thursday, 17 January 2013

our forever home...

We have never considered the house we live in our 'forever home'. It is of adequate size for our family and its location is great, in a village with school, pub and post office. We didn't entertain the idea of living here as long as we have, so we didn't want to spend a lot of money on it. But after being sidetracked by having three children, and with the house being on the 'very sluggish' market since April, we have come to the realisation that we may as well do all the little things we've put off for the past ten years. Then at least we can enjoy living here, not be embarrassed to invite people around and it will have a better chance to sell. So armed with the power of Pinterest, the decluttering inspiration of Lottie and the desire to live more simply here are a few bits I'm hoping to emulate...

tile behind the oven with brick effect tiles and grey grout - like in Michelle's gorgeous Tasmanian home - I have the lush aardvark 'kill your TV' print too!

extend our chalkboard in the kitchen to a whole wall!

make simple blinds to hide the washing machine and dryer

buy a roll top bath (love the nature print in the bathroom) and add paneling 

replace our broken built in wardrobe doors with either two gorgeous wardrobes like these belong to the wonderful stylist Tara Sloggett - or find some mirrored doors from old wardrobes to hang or customise 

put more plants around the house

love this sofa - although might be one for the future!


  1. All your pin ideas are gorgeous but I particularly adore the oven which is on my wish list but not for a couple of years.

  2. Oooh how inspiring! We're in the same boat here, boxy, 60s chalet style affair with not much character. But it's full of light with amazing views, just enough room and walkable to all we need, great school, post office, shop, bus stop.

    Five years of inertia has finally come to an end and brick tiles and a new suite is in the bathroom. Lots more to do and your pics have inspired me to get cracking.

    I wrestle with living here but really I guess what makes a forever home is love, warmth and lots of fun. Home is where the heart is I reckon.

  3. A house is just a house, but a home takes on the personality of the people who live there and from the lovely pictures you show I feel yours has - I totally agree with what Curlew Country has said above.

    I used to feel embarrassed sometimes with my home books everywhere etc., I'm not into the latest designer kitchens etc., I love my old loved bits and pieces about me, but as my friend said to me one day, people come to see you, Hubbs and son, for yourselves not for what you have, and if they only want to see what you have, then really they are not true friends.
    I've taken my son to school this morning - it must be one of the only ones in South Glos that is open, so Snowman making etc., will have to wait, off now to take some photos.



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