Saturday, 22 December 2012

festive fox's...

I have been sent some of Fox's new festive biscuit range to review - I think this could be my hardest task I've ever had as a blogger, being rather fond of both the crunch cream and the party ring.

So over Christmas we will be sampling Vinnie's biscuit barrel (rrp. £8), Fox's treasures (mini party packs), caramel rounds and Rocky Rocks chocolate (£2.50). We've already tried some of the biscuits in Vinnie's biscuit barrel, which has five different types of Fox's most popular biscuits in - perfect with a hot cup of tea and I thought good value for money in terms of the quantity you get. The boys tried some of the Rocky Rocks which were really chocolaty and gone in seconds!

We're going to use the Fox's treasures mini bags on winter walks over the Christmas/New Year break, as little legs need a lot of motivation on dreary days. So when we need a pit stop, I can produce these rather fun, child friendly bags along with a hot cup of tea for me!

Fox's biscuits began over 150 years ago in a small Victorian bakery in Northern England and is now one of the UK's leading biscuit makers. You can find their festive selection in shops now.

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