Monday, 5 November 2012

gunpowder, treason and plot...

Remember, remember the fifth of november!
But remember to check your bonfires for hibernating hedgehogs before you light them, you wouldn't want a hog roast of the 'hedge' variety!

I love taking pictures of fireworks and sparklers! The picture above was taken on my cameras manual setting with a 4" shutter speed and a depth of field of f11 on the aperture setting to ensure the background remains dark. Some cameras have a firework mode, but I would rather play around with different shutter speeds until I like what I have taken, they are never perfect as my children will only let me practice a few times before getting bored and running off!


  1. Beautiful pic! I was so confused as to what setting to use, plus it all happened so fast (and with a mug of mulled wine in hand) I had to take what I got.

  2. Nice job Emma. I have the same issues with reluctant / short-term models - they'll never stick in one place long enough for me to play!

    1. the older they get the less time they are likely to humour me! Goodness knows what I'll do when they grow up ;0)

    2. This is why we need puppies - they would always be faithful playmates I imagine.sadly my husband is as reluctant as yours sounds when it comes to a new family member :(

  3. Great photos. I was loving watching children with sparklers tonight, but wishing I could take good pics of them. Andrea


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