Saturday, 3 November 2012

fungus foray...

an autumn family foray,
with a nip in the air we pulled on our new Boden winter woollens*, hats and gloves,
beech woodlands lit by a low autumnal sun
boys with basket and opinel knives
a sleeping baby wrapped up warm
lots of fungi on the woodland floor with names like amethyst deceiver, earthstar, St. George's mushroom and oyster mushroom
none for tea though as they are so difficult to identify!


  1. Gorgeous jumpers and love your fluffy little baby!

    We did exactly the same fungi hunt just recently too. Such a shame they are so hard to identify, as I am sure we passed up on so many tasty ones!

  2. So fun! What identification book did you use? I'm looking for a good one!

    1. I have two Collins Fungi guides one photographic and one illustrated, I find it incredibly difficult to identify some fungi and have learnt more by going out on local fungi forays with experts! Although still not confident to cook any edible ones I find!

  3. what lovely things you do with your sons! Shame about the jumpers. A bargain is always a nice thing. I would phone up and ask for a voucher or refund in return. You never know. Have a good sunday, Heather

  4. I'm a bit scared of fungi - it just looks creepy to me! Re: discounts - exactly the same thing happened to me with another brand (Long Tall Sally). I spent £195 on Saturday only to receive a voucher for 20% off in the post yesterday, representing a potential saving of £38.00. I telephoned them this morning and they were totally understanding and are refunding the difference. I find Boden Customer Services quite helpful so I would definitely give them a ring even now. I'm certain they'll put credit on your account.


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