Wednesday, 3 October 2012

rise and shine...

The first frosts of the year bring with them the best photography opportunities. So if it's a morning where you can see your breath - get up at first light, pull on your thick socks and don't forget to take a flask of hot coffee!


  1. Are you coming to Blandfords? I usually get up early to go for a walk ... you could come too (I would like that)!


  2. Lovely photo. This post has almost swayed me into getting up a little earlier!

  3. That's a great photo.We haven't have a frost here yet but I'm hoping it's this weekend then I go sloe picking.

  4. Super photo - let's hope for some lovely frosty mornings with bright blue skies, rather than all this soggy wetness at the moment, it's so uninspiring. Great 39 list by the way, hope you manage to get them all done! x


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