Thursday, 4 October 2012

38 things to do before I'm 39...

number 31 - have a go on a candy floss machine!

So it's that time again, another year older, and another list of things that I would like to do before my next birthday. Some frivolous and fanciful, others a little more plain and simple;
  1. spend as much of my time outdoors as I spend looking at screens (you should all sign up to Project Wild Thing too!)
  2. own a fair isle jumper
  3. eat at The 25 Mile, Cardigan ✓
  4. make some cardboard box art ✓
  5. go wassailing ✓
  6. wild swim under Welsh waterfalls
  7. grow dark dahlias ✓
  8. make dried apple rings ✓
  9. use my film cameras more ✓
  10. make scratch-off stickers
  11. knit a toy elephant ✓
  12. run a gingerbread house making workshop ✓
  13. take the boys to the Natural History Museum
  14. invent our own hot chocolate blend ✓
  15. enjoy a vintage cocktail party ✓
  16. make personalised tambourines for Christmas gifts for my god-daughters ✓
  17. go to the Circus! ✓
  18. bake a malteser cake ✓
  19. eat at The Ethicurean
  20. go on a 'hopper hunt' to learn about crickets & grasshoppers
  21. try my hand at making halloumi 
  22. practice yoga twice a week ✓ (OK I just about manage once a week!)
  23. organise an outdoor supper party
  24. ride lambrettas for my husbands birthday
  25. make personalised viewmasters ✓
  26. plant and eat lots of vegetables ✓
  27. attend the DO lectures (a girl can dream!)
  28. draw these pictures with the boys
  29. forage for natural materials to make Christmas decorations ✓
  30. go canoeing on the River Wye
  31. have a go on a candy floss machine - I think they're magical!
  32. do some lino printing ✓
  33. have a bonfire party
  34. rent a cherry tree
  35. get a new hairdo
  36. make chocolate teacakes
  37. host an outdoor cinema night
  38. learn how to blet medlars ✓
here's previous years 37 things, 36 things, 35 things and 34 things, which all need finishing!


  1. I've just signed up to project wild thing - thank you! I'm very conscious that as I end up reading blogs etc on my phone whilst feeding my baby girl, she is becoming more and more interested in this shiny flashing thing that her mama is so interested in... It's a hard one - I don't want her glued to a screen, but at the same time, she will be using technology a lot as she gets older and needs to be 'ready' for it. We'll be getting out and about as much as we can as she gets older - trying to avoid cbeebies! Sorry, this has turned into a bit of an essay - you can tell it's something I've been thinking about a lot!

    Love the scratch off stickers and the personalised viewmasters too!

    1. I definitely agree and I too am always on the iphone whilst feeding the babe! He too will start to be more aware and I don't want him to have my bad habits *she says typing this in bed under the covers!* The world they are going to grow up in is going to be so technologically advanced, I can't begin to imagine. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, great to read them ;0)

  2. Totally inspired by your list. I want to have a go at the picture from mag image idea with my daughter asap and really like the look of your places to eat. And I've planted a Medlar but had no idea I needed to blet it!

    1. The pictures look great don't they? and such a simple idea, I can't wait to try it out, as well as bletting, which I've never done before!

  3. Love your list! I'm inspired by the thought of you wassailing in your fair isle sweater accompanied by a home-made tambourine.

  4. Ohh, love the scratch-stickers - fab idea for a party invitation!


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