Thursday, 2 August 2012

tin tin tin...

On Tuesday, Tom and Anna Herbert threw open their doors for an imaginative event with a difference, called 'tin, tin, tin.' The invite said bring three non-perishable items, and four cooks (Award Winning chef at Hobbs House Bistro, Antony Smith, Tom and Henry Herbert - The Fabulous Baker Brothers and Anna Herbert of food blog She Shops Local) will serve up supper using the ingredients! The aim was to raise awareness the foodbank movement, of which I was completely ignorant before, and create some recipes that people can follow when getting their foodbank parcel.

It took me some time to decide what to take to this 'ready, steady, cook' style evening. Would we be called up and everyone see what we had brought? In the end I chose to take tins of mackerel, lentils, berlotti beans and sliced peaches, I hoped this would make me look a little healthy at least! I had been tempted to take a tin of spam! 

The evening was fun and lively and the cooks were amazing to watch, serving up dish after dish of interesting food, the kitchen was a 'frenzy' of inventiveness! It really was a great way to learn about the work that our local foodbank does, and take part in their challenge to feed 5000 people! Care professionals such as health visitors, doctors and social workers give out foodbank vouchers, so that people in need can take them to redeem against a parcel with three days worth of food in, but foodbank is a charity and needs public support, especially as more and more people are needing this resource. There will be one near you if you want to find out more

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