Saturday, 18 August 2012

outdoor film night....

We enjoyed a trip to Bristol Zoo for a special outdoor screening of Jurassic Park. The weather was glorious, but we did wonder what the zoo animals thought of t-rex noises echoing around the park!

There are animatronic dinosaurs all around the zoo, moving and making noises, the t-rex below even got to watch the film!

It's a lovely zoo, I remember being taken as a child but I must admit baulking at the admission costs, I can't believe how expensive places like this are to visit nowadays. The boys really wanted to have a go on the rope walk, which looked amazing, but you paid on top of admission cost, I think it was £6.50 per child. You can save 10% by buying online before your visit but it will definitely be a while until we can justify going back.


  1. I know what you mean about the cost! My nan is always very generous at christmas and i bought us membership, i will def be doing it again x

  2. You came to Bristol and not dropped in for a cuppa! ;-) Next time lady, next time! x


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