Thursday, 9 August 2012

keep young and beautiful...

A few weeks ago I was offered a course of four facials at The Montpellier Chapter Spa, in Cheltenham, to introduce the new partnership with REN skin care. I'm not one that visits spas on a regular basis and I will admit to having a skin care routine that usually involves a 3 in 1 cleansing wipe before bed! So this was an opportunity too good to turn down. 

Upon arrival at the spa for my bespoke facial I was welcomed by manager Karen Chapman. She showed me into one of the luxurious cocoon shaped treatment rooms to begin my Express Facial "a re-energising express facial for maximum results in minimum time."  

The Spa uses the REN Clean Skin care range, which is based in Devon and its natural products are paraben, petrol chemicals, animal products and sulfate FREE! Karen started the facial with the No. 1 Purity Cleansing Gel and Jojoba Microbead Facial Polish, massaging acupressure points on my face to relieve stress. She then applied the Invisible Pores Detox Mask, wiping it off with hot flannels, leaving my skin feeling amazingly clean. An anti-aging eye gel and Balancing Day Fluid was applied, finishing with a serum and lip balm. 

The results were instant and catching a glance at a make-up free me, I noticed that already my skin looked fresher and healthy. Over the next few days a few people commented on how well I was looking and inside my heart jumped with joy - as any sleep-deprived, frumpy-feeling, mum of a small baby knows!

A few days later and a package arrived at home, a box from REN containing all the products recommended by Karen. I have neatly lined them up in the bathroom (I think I need a bigger shelf!) delving into them daily for my new skin care ritual. 

I still have two facials to go, but already my skin feels more radiant and I'm delighted with how good that's making me feel. My favourite thing about the products is their aroma, not overpowering and very natural, the packaging is plain but the products inside are just gorgeous and I'm completely smitten with them already, especially the gorgeous night repair serum. 

From £13 the range is comparable in price with cosmetic counter ranges on the high street, although I would really recommend visiting a spa as the tips and advice that you will be given is invaluable and will help you buy the right products to suit your skin type in the first place. 


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