Monday, 13 August 2012

instant photography for the next generation...

One of our projects in the school holidays is to write a diary of our adventures. We bought a fuji instax camera so the boys could take their own pictures to make their daily writing in their Moleskine journals a little more exciting. I chose this camera as the boys love instant cameras, and my Polaroid cameras are just too dear to me, to let them use freely! The camera produces credit card size pictures and the boys find it really easy to use. They do have a cheap digital camera - but have to rely on me to upload and order, which takes the fun out of it.

Ted took the pictures above at the circus, which are just fab - I couldn't do better myself! The results are really similar to my SX-70 so if you can find a cheap Polaroid on ebay or car boots sales, you can order film from the Impossible Project, who have started making it again, children just love watching the picture appear like magic!


  1. That's such a lovely idea - my two would go crazy for an instant camera. Love your Ted's snaps :)

  2. would be fun to have a camera like this! I didn't know there was a modern version, Heather

  3. Hello, I am looking to buy an instant camera for my 6 year old to take to the Just So Festival and remembered this post of yours. Maybe it was inspired by this post.

    How did your boys get on with it? The dilemma is that the photographer in me likes the 210 and size aside I wonder how easy it is for a 6 year old to use either of these cameras. Have you used the 210 at all? I have read that the image is very different to what you see in the viewfinder with both cameras, is that right?

    Thank you x

    1. Hi there,
      My son was six when he took the pics above! It is an expensive camera but he found it easy to use and picture results are very similar to my old Polaroid cameras. The film is expensive, I think £1 a picture so they don't use it much to be honest - more for special occasions preferring their compact digital cameras. We haven't tried the 210 I'm afraid so can't compare. But we love it!
      Hope this helps, Emma x


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