Saturday, 4 August 2012

Camping with babies...

We took the baby on his first camping trip a few weeks ago, he had the most amazing nights sleep. I took his Moses basket and lined it with the sheepskin I use in his buggy, to keep him insulated through the night, which worked perfectly. 

As it was our first camping trip with him, we decided to stay close to home, which is just as well as it took us two trips to get all our stuff there! The baby buggy just takes up too much room, we need one of those top box things or a trailer. We didn't need any other baby stuff, just his Moses basket - but that fits neatly in the car stuffed with sheepskins for the boys to sleep on. 

We're hoping for another spell of good weather so we can venture a little further afield next time.


  1. Both my sons have sheeps skins, we use the teeswater sheep as the wool is so lovely and curly. x

  2. Lovely photos, I love the cowboy pattern on the quilt/blanket in the second one. Hope baby Stanley wasn't too 'insulted' during the night! Think you missed an 'a'...

    1. whoops! thanks for spotting the typo, have now amended! Emma x

  3. That makes camping look lovely - I'm yet to be convinced, think I may be too much of a city girl at heart. But my boys would love it.

  4. so gorgeous! i love your tent/yurt! i remember camping when we were tiny, its great fun!

    Barnicles x


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