Saturday, 21 July 2012


We have had some great holidays over the past few years, in bell tents, tipi's, beach huts, camper vans and even a railway carriage, but this year with a tiny baby I was looking forward to spending our annual jaunt in something more luxurious, and actually having a proper bed! Being creatures of habit we returned to Cornwall, staying with the same holiday company as last year 'Forever Cornwall' who own 'Driftwood' beach chalet.

The holiday started off as predictably as usual, with my husbands annoyance at how much I expect him to pack in the car. Now bearing in mind we now have three children and I needed to take the moses basket and pushchair, and we haven't updated our car and still have a most un-child friendly hatchback vehicle - as the husband thinks buying a people carrier is 'giving up' as a friend so eloquently puts it! We eventually pack and literally squeeze everything in, setting off two and a half hours later than planned, in time to hit Bristol on the M5 at rush hour on a Friday. Somewhere the traffic gods are smiling at us and we sail to Cornwall in record time, despite a minor catastrophe en route - I found my first grey hair *insert loud wail here* somewhere around the Weston-super-Mare junction after gazing in the car mirror.

Wildwood was easy to find, and we quickly made ourselves at home, thanks to the welcome pack left for us, compromising the local newspaper, tea, coffee, bread, biscuits, milk, a lovely bottle of wine and a huge bunch of flowers. The boys rushed to find the rope swing mentioned on the website and hurtled into the neighbours garden like two springer spaniels as we opened the car doors, in contrast I settled down with the paper and a cuppa.

The house prides itself on its green credentials and despite its size - it sleeps eight - was warm and cosy thanks to underfloor heating generated by both a wood burner and solar panels on the roof. The decor was a palette of Farrow and Ball natural greys and blues set off by cushions and blankets that reminded me of Ilse Crawford's interior designed rooms at The Olde Bell in Hurley.

Staying in Wildwood was more like staying in a boutique hotel than a holiday cottage, with sash windows, large fluffy towels, and a 'snug' with a large TV with HUGE beanbags, perfect for hanging out in with popcorn on drizzly days. I would certainly recommend staying here, it is ideal for taking the grandparents with you, or holidaying with friends or just like us rambling about in on your own.

And there is still availability this summer if you would like to book Wildwood too!


  1. It looks like the perfect getaway spot. The photo of your boys in the bath is stunning!

  2. Oh gosh this looks super too! We stayed at Driftwood last year, following your blog post. And then immediately rebooked for this summer too because we had the most perfect time. I would love a bigger place (and a dishwasher!) but I adored being able to tumble out of the chalet and on to the beach. Thank you so much for introducing us to Driftwood.

    Bad luck on the grey hair! I was born in Weston super Mare << random fact! I promise I'm not spamming you but if you fancy revisting Driftwood I blogged it in photos:

    Might try Wildwood next year! Thanks again. x

    1. Hi spudballoo

      What wonderful pictures on your blog and I am so jealous that you're going back to Driftwood, it's an amazing place - we want to go back as well. I'm so pleased that you enjoyed it following our recommendation too! Wildwood is fab if you went with another family - it's really spacey and would accommodate two families of four. I hope you have the most amazing time returning to Driftwood, and can't wait to see this years pics,
      Emma x


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