Friday, 22 June 2012

scarecrow making...

We were hugely excited to be asked by Hen & Hammock to review their Scarecrow making kit. We love making scarecrow's in our house (remember Uncle George?) so to receive a pack with everything in was fab. I love the products that Hen & Hammock stock and was lucky enough to be bought a lovely pair of fingerless gloves for Christmas from my husband. Hen and Hammock specialises in eco-friendly and sustainable products and I just love their range of deckchairs, including the new Jubilee deckchair. 

The kit is £25 and comes in a large box containing; a long pole a little like a broom handle, two smaller canes, two hessian sacks, needles, twine, a packet of seeds and the all important instructions. I thought this great value for money, as when we made our own scarecrow, it was quite a palaver to source all the bits and bobs needed and I couldn't quite believe how much men's clothes cost in charity shops to dress him! (When did charity shops get so expensive anyway?) The only bits you need extra is newspaper, a plastic bag and a plastic milk carton - it's really that simple!

We (the two older boys and I), enlisted the help of the 'girl next door' and set about cutting up the sacks, whilst the babe napped. It was a little tricky for the six year old, but he cut all the way down the line perfectly, but gave up with the sewing. The eight year olds were a lot more interested, especially when it came to making the head - which was a genius idea, cutting a plastic milk bottle in half and shoving the pole through the top! 

We followed the instructions exactly, but looking at the Hen & Hammock Scarecrow Gallery, many people add their own creative flair. You are invited to email a picture of your finished scarecrow so that he may sit proudly in the gallery amongst all the other creations, which I think is a lovely touch. 

Once we had finished our scarecrow, we didn't want him to be lonely in our garden! Ted has been doing lots of planting in the school allotment, so we thought what better home than in school, surrounded by the laughter of all the children, and more people get to enjoy him! What do you think? We think he looks quite happy in his new home. 

The scarecrow kit would make a perfect gift for a family, especially with children of differing ages as there is plenty to do and it was a great activity for my eight and six year to do together, without arguing! 

We have also been sent some 'throw and grow grenades' which are fab (especially for bigger boys) and are going to post about them separately. 

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