Wednesday, 29 April 2009

I am so excited...

these photographs are about to be published in a book ~ yes a BOOK!!! and not just any book, the follow up to one of my favourite books 'Wild Swimming'. The book is called 'Wild Swimming Coast' by Daniel Start and will be published on 12th May 2009. I have had a sneak peak on the Wild Swimming website and have already seen two of my pictures, in the introduction and on the back cover. The pictures {discovered on Flickr!} were taken in 2007 whilst on holiday in Cornwall, we just happened to be there at the same time as some friends who were staying in a lighthouse and who took us to the most amazing beach, hidden away from the tourists. Alfie in his little blue shorts and Bella in her pink, looked as if they had run straight out of the pages of a catalogue.

Pre-order your copy from here now, ready for a summer of beaches and wild swimming!


  1. Well done. Bet you are so proud. I will look the book up

  2. Oh my god - that's fantastic! Well done! They are lovely pictures :)


  3. how wonderful!
    published for posterity!
    yay :)

  4. I am very pleased for you, you must feel extremely proud.

  5. Thanks Thimbleina, Jo, Pen and Samantha... I just want to see it in print! The funny thing is if you look between the children in the top pic, you will see my husband in the sea, in the book it looks like they have photoshopped him out, now I know he isn't Ewan McGregor... but really! ;0)

  6. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha - I love that they photoshopped him -

    Congratulations and well done to you! That's wonderful!


  7. yipppeeeeee! Well done, angel! xox

  8. I am thrilled for you, emma! congratulations! x


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