Friday, 10 April 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to anyone who usually passes through this way! Our easter egg tree is finished and I am taking bets on how long it lasts with two small but very active boys and their clumsy mother. I am rather pleased with it, especially the red cabbage dyed eggs.


  1. That is the most bonkers and beautiful Easter decoration I have seen. Well done, love it. Have a nice break x

  2. it's so, so beautiful, emma. hope you and yours have a blessed easter! us orthodox are just now entering holy week.

  3. What a wonderful tree. Hope you and yours enjoy a blessed Easter.

  4. Lovely decoration...has it survived!?

    The castle we went to was PEmbroke castle. We went there because my daughter (8) HAD to see the place where Henry VII was born. She is a Tudor Nut!


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