Sunday, 5 April 2009

eggs, to dye for...

With some gorgeous white goose eggs we found at this weeks farmer's market, we were already to try out some natural dyeing techniques, detailed here. The turmeric wasn't as succesful as the amazing blues you get from red cabbage! We are going to try onion skins and coffee next!


  1. so beautiful! we're about to try this as well. I heard bark works, too, though I'm not sure how well. xox

  2. I saw on Martha about a week ago (can't find the link now) where they used tape to make a checked pattern, put in one colour dye, took tape off and put in another colour - that looked effective. Yours look lovely.

  3. red cabbage is my favorite. i was surprised when i threw a playsilk in to get purple instead of blue like the eggs. the onion skins work brilliantly. coffee is a little boring...looks just like brown eggs.
    i think next year i will invest in one of those gimicky egg suction things. i get a little grossed out blowing out the egg contents (and a little light headed).


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