Thursday, 23 April 2009

eccentrically english...

today is St. George's day the patron saint of England and I have been thinking all day about what characteristics make us truly English, it is not really something that we celebrate if you compare us to the Irish and St. Patrick's day, here are a few...
  1. a love of tea {not iced ~ and sipped whilst hot even in summer}
  2. the right to complain about the weather ~ it's too hot or too cold, or too windy or 'have you seen the forecast?'
  3. the audacity to assume that everyone in the world speaks English and when we are not understood in another country we just shout louder to make ourselves understood!
  4. fish and chips
  5. roast sunday lunch and yorkshire pudding
  6. whenever the sun comes out we embark in a sun worshipping ritual that is quite bizarre ~ we like to get as much flesh out as possible and flock to the nearest beach/park showing off white skin and tattoo's {oo'er}. If you think about it Britain is on the same latitude as Canada and Moscow, places that are much colder than we are. Thanks to the gulf stream, warming up Europe from South America we have a warmer climate {now are you taking climate change seriously?}
  7. regional dialects ~ so many for such a small country and under threat with the movement of population
  8. pubs and beer {beer is a national institution, think beer belly and beer goggles!}
  9. our sense of humour, irony and sarcasm! 
actually now I have made a list, it reminds me of a website that Susannah referred to recently, the difference between US and UK and it is hilarious, check it out...

What do you think? Have I missed any out? What do you think makes us English and you don't have to be English to comment! 


  1. Emma, I love how you put the love of tea as the very first one, because this is indeed SO TRUE! My roommate has two friends visiting from England (I live in America) and everytime I see them, they're drinking tea! I think in no time I'll be the one drinking all the tea; because they ask me politely everytime they're making some if I'd like a cup- and well, it's hard to say no (to the accent :] ).

    Pretty awesome to know more about the culture (I do know it's not just about tea!)



  2. The ability to form a queue, in any waiting situation, with as little as two people.
    The utter reluctance to complain outright, but with an eyebrow, tut or sigh, deliver disdain very very effectively.
    Oh and the middle class status anxiety.
    It's fabulous.

  3. i hate builders tea (but i love redbush!)

    i think it is our sense of humour that defines us - we can merrily take the piss out of anything and anyone :)

  4. i had to smile when reading this, being a brazilian living in london, i see the culture from a different perspective, and yeah, the tea! always, all the time. in brazil it's coffee, i've never had tea before coming here (only herbal tea). and we find very amusing to see how the english make their coffee (it tastes like tea, and not like coffee).
    we also find amusing that at the first sign of spring the outfits change drastically from coats and boots to skirts and flip flops :D
    i love england :))


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