Wednesday, 22 April 2009

The dress...

I have always wanted a floral dress after seeing this one here, but didn't quite think they were 'me'. I saw this one weeks ago and desired it's 1940's vintage gorgeousness from afar, it suits my alter ego, the stay at home mum who makes jam and bakes fresh bread everyday! 

I wore it to meet my new blogging friends for the first time, as it is quite rare that you meet people for the first time, people who don't know you or your history. I thought it was a chance to be a new me, confident, witty and intelligent ~ I obviously thought this was a magic dress that would change my personality! 

I felt a fool waiting on the train station in all my forties flora with a load of drunk football supporters ~ but fast forward a few hours and I was with a group of girls in a park full of sunshine, laughing and taking pictures...

this was me and I skipped...! 


  1. And you were magnificent! x

  2. The dress, the dress! Have just been chatting to a mum at the children's swimming lesson about a dress she wanted, it is your dress!

  3. you and the dress were both magic! :)

  4. you DID skip and it (and you) are bloody fantastic - hurrah!

    thanks for daring.

  5. You were fabulous!!

    I'll skip WITH you next time!


  6. LOVE this post. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Having the nerve to be you... perfect. I think I will wear my read cowgirl boots to playgroup tomorrow after reading this. Cheers!

  7. i love this post too! you are gorgeous, emma.


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