Tuesday, 24 March 2009

nature table

nature table, originally uploaded by Emma Bradshaw.

we have neglected the nature table of late, so time to make amends. The stag, in the wild should be loosing his antlers around now ready to grow some more, ready for the Autumn rut and he is joined by a blackbird, who is our favourite garden visitor. Our garden blackbirds are very friendly coming right up to the window to look at us as if we are animals in a zoo {we probably are to them!}. If we play outside and surprise them or go near any nesting spots they sound the alarm warning us off with a loud chirp. We have added some eggs in the nature table nest and made sure we keep the bird feeders outside full of nuts, so they have plently of food for their young.


  1. beautiful, Emma!

    I'm afraid I've fallen down on the needlefelting job- I doubt I'm going to finish those bunnies for Easter :) I hope you do, I want to see!

    Adore that bear, by the way- what a super fun idea for a birthday party.

    xox Kyrie

  2. lovely,, I always make sure all my feeders are full,esp through winter for my feathered friends. Love your table!

  3. Great nature table, we need to do a bit of work on ours as well, just the Easter Tree there at the moment


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