Saturday, 7 March 2009


Part of the unravelling e course I am doing this week has been about favourites, what would you save in a fire? Do you have anything from your childhood? What are your favourite clothes etc... This is the week I thought would be easy as I am surrounded by keepsakes and clutter, all special and nice to look at, but not really worthy of description or justification as a favourite or worth saving in a fire. I think this is why I love holidays so much, is that we take a few toys, books and games, as many clothes as we need and are practical and we make do. Whenever I go on holiday to a beautiful cottage, I think how nice it would be to live somewhere like that, without so much 'stuff'. Ooo I think I have found a favourite... holidays - not big expensive far away travel, but UK breaks in cottages, tents, railways carriages, vw camper vans, showman's waggons and tipi's. Leading a simple existence, if only for a few days and spending the whole day together.

However, I would save something in a fire as well as my family of course and that would be my photographs. I have seen people split up and leave children behind, get ill and be unable to go out of their front doors or loose their memories ~ such pain. I would like to think that should anything happen to me, I could surround myself with thousands of photographs of smiling happy people, having wonderful times and know even if I didn't recognise all of them, I hope that I would know that I had had a good life filled with joy and laughter. Even now if I am feeling low, or winter is making me glum, I check out my flickr site and look at both my photos and those of others that I favourite and that makes me feel a lot better.

I was also asked this week to write a piece for a local magazine about 'my favourite place', which I thought very apt as it was favourite week and I will share that with you on Monday.


  1. Saving photographs during a fire is the number one thing most people would do. It also happens to be the number one thing people feel tragic about losing. Those are our memories!

  2. I have the same feeling when on holiday in smaller places that we could easily live like this, then come home and have a cull on the clutter.


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