Saturday, 21 February 2009


...I am loving moo cards perfect for using as labels for the prints I sell in my etsy shop.

...I am also loving the six small bowls with matching plates found in a antiques/bric a brac/treasure trove of a shop I have walked past hundreds of times and never gone in! All of these were just £2 ~ a bargain! and perfect for small hands and wintery soups and stews with their pine tree pattern. And some lesson's to learn about supporting local shops ~ especially this one on the high street, in the middle of chain stores. It is so important to keep our high streets unique and devoid of the cloned shops found in bigger towns and cities! As well as slowing down and taking time to discover and appreciate what is right in front of us.


  1. oh, i love your moo cards! beautiful.

  2. thank you Kyrie ~ I was very impressed with how they have turned out!

  3. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE my moos, I trade them with friends all over the world. If you wanna trade Emma let me know.This is Debbsga from will find mine in my photostream. I use them for everything and love trading,yours are great!! congrats on them. Take care

  4. I couldn't agree more re the highstreet. A French friend of mine said that when she moved to the UK she couldn't fathom why all the highstreets looked the same as of course in France local shops are so important - if only we could be more like that.


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