Sunday, 8 February 2009


and still we have snow, almost a week of school and work closures and more snow is forecast overnight - yippee! We have been sledging almost everyday, making our pilgrimage up to the highest point and the makeshift ski-slope that used to be the golf course! As we walk slowly on our way we smile and meet many other people doing the same thing, making the most of this very unusual weather. In the afternoon we come home and warm up with hot chocolate and comfort food like stew, waiting for us in the oven, making the house smell delicious as we fall through the front door in a tangle of hats, gloves and wellies! We fall quickly into bed in the evening nursing aching legs {I think that may just be Pete & I} and rosy red cheeks, hoping that when we pull the curtains back in the morning the snow will still be there and we can do it all over again!


  1. it's just bonkers, isn't it! The snow's melting here in Bath, but from my window i can still see snow-covered fields in the distance. Snow-polas are definitely the way forward :)

  2. It's melting out here too but I think there's more on the way. I envy your sledging - it's so flat here!

  3. our weather is literally polar opposites. Have fun cute family!


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