Saturday, 28 February 2009


Saturdays for me are usually full of housework, which I loathe. Why do I spend all week running around squeezing in as many hours of work as I possibly can to earn money, and then spend my weekend doing housework? Today, however, was a good Saturday, we travelled a little further from home and discovered a new coffee shop, that added sprinkles on the top of the boys warm frothy milk.

We found a new hairdresser's {well gentleman's barber's that also did children!} that was full of lovely old things and two enormous old chairs and mirrors!

it even had a dog to keep us amused, oh and a stuffed duck and heron! and I even managed a quick 30 minute shop while the boys played in the park, to try on a few things in Cath Kidston ~ is this the best changing room you have ever seen?


  1. great dressing room ... also love the barber shop. You should save money and let them cut their own hair, cost effective and also photo worthy for their future 21st birthday parties.

  2. Hello, I ran into your blog the other day and found it so pretty and fun that I already put it among my favourites...hope you don't mind.
    Let me tell you that I feel the same way about weekends, when the children are home all day and have to be looked after as well as house chores. Exhausting!
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and photographs.
    Greetings from Chile, South America

  3. Missy Emma, was that HALF of you in the mirror? you're getting braver! it's a gorgeous dressing room - my bedroom looks exactly like that......i wish
    J x

  4. The picture behind your sons on the third photo has just brought back loads of memories of my Aunty Alice's house (you know those people you call aunty and uncle but aren't related to?) She died when I was 12 which is a loooong time ago but she had that picture, an ashtray on a tall stand, a music box and a swiss chalet that you put to your eye and clicked and little pictures of switzerland were inside - I'm back in that house!!

  5. Wow what a cool barbers. If we had a barbers like this near us I would have no problem getting the boys in this house to have their haircut


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