Friday, 6 February 2009


"through observing and helping in the home, the child will start to reflect what he knows in his play"
You are your child's first teacher by Rahima Baldwin Dancy

Both my boys love nothing better than imitating our daily life through play. From an early age they have had brooms, dustpan and brushes and spades to play with. They are always ready to 'help' when I do housework too as it has always been part of their lives as much as mine. We have taken this approach with food too and our eldest has always helped prepare the meal and set the table, the youngest, to be honest, is a little less interested! They love the rituals, being treated the same as an adult and have 'grown up' cups {I use expresso cups, better for little hands}. I love taking a step back and listening to them, repeating the words I say to them as they play.


  1. you quote one of my first inspiring parenting books. i've read it twice completely. love it.
    you've also reminded me to create food prep and dinner rituals again. i've lost it, given in to the picky eater and since it's just little A and i together at meal times i've been a little more than lazy.
    it must be entertaining to sit back and observe your 2 boys together.

  2. Ella - it is a great book isn't it? My #2 is a picky one and if it's ever just the two of us I do just rustle up things. But when the four of us eat together and we try everyday at breakfast and dinner to prepare a meal and sit down together. Mind you I would get things done so much quicker if I didn't have quite so many helping hands!

  3. I have this book too and is extremely well thumbed.
    I too have my 2 and 5 year old drinking from small versions of adult cups and glasses and using smaller versions of adult plates and cutlery. You and Rahima are right they just want to do what we are doing it is their way of making sense of the big world around them as with the reading of fairy tales which she talks about

  4. Hello,

    Just found your lovely blog, and enjoyed reading back through some of your posts. I bought, read and loved that book when my little girl was just a couple of weeks old. As soon as I had her in my arms I realised that I needed to know more than I did about the way she would see the world. She's only 14 months but she already eats of 'proper' dishes due to her insistence, which is rather lovely. Thanks for the espresso cups idea, she is fascinated by grown up mugs but at the moment I've only given her a beaker,and it's been bothering me, will have to remedy that soon.


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