Wednesday, 25 February 2009


Pie is so good for eating on cold wintery days, actually it's good all year round but I do appreciate eating it more as the evening draws in and it is served with lashings of gravy! We made this pie 'loosely' following a Jamie Oliver recipe that he calls 'Kick-arse' Chicken and Leek Pie - the link is to a turkey version he did to use up Christmas dinner leftovers. It was good pie and obviously the decoration made it taste even better! There is a pub not too far from us that is famous for its two-in-one pie's, steak in one half with pastry top and cauliflower cheese the other side ~ sounds wierd but it really works and they do loads of other varities too. I think a visit following a long walk is needed!


  1. oh, that sounds so good, the two in one pie. I'm going to try it! your pie is so beautiful, I'm sure it tasted delicious, too. :)

  2. This pie you speak of is one of my favorites, and i am now inspired as to what to make for tonight's dinner... thanks!
    I might even get around to some decoration on top...the kids would love that!

  3. That pie sounds really nice, make I'll make one today? Second thought...


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