Thursday, 26 February 2009


all of a sudden my eldest son has started to read, carefully sounding out words all by himself. When we drive he is reading road signs and posters and taking delight and pride in this new found ability. He has been at school for a year and a half now and the school "actively" encourages reading, he brings home new reading books and homework most nights. We have "actively" tried not to pressure him, not forcing homework when he is tired or simply doesn't want to do it, encouraged a love of books by sharing them with him ~ in fact we have probably been working against the school ~ making sure he makes the most of his childhood by learning to play, to play outside, to cook ~ there is plenty of time to become a rocket scientist!

This new found ability to read seems to have just happened all on it's own, he is still five and a half after all. The funny thing to me is that it has happened at the same time as his first wobbly tooth, it is as if now that his body is growing up, he is now ready to learn and somehow that feels just right. I am sure I have read something about Steiner teachings {I should read more}, that the body goes through phases, which is why they don't believe in teaching children to read until they are seven years of age and ready to learn. I read Nicole's blog here and took great comfort that my feeling that education steals away the best part of childhood are shared by others. I have also been following Eren's concerns about her childrens education and how she is researching the best options for her family.

I wish I could find a strength in my own convictions to know what is the best route to take ~ I suppose the most important thing at the end of the day is that they are happy.


  1. our boys and we mothers are living parallel lives.

  2. Timely. I've been reading about unschooling while having palpitations about school and UNschool!

  3. I have read lots of blogs were children are schooled at home and lots were children attend school. The common theme with all the parents involved is that they CARE about their children, and believe me I see a lot of parents who don't. As long as you can see they are happy and thriving at school then feel free to 'go your own way' when they are at home. It is obvious that you want to make your home life fun and stimulating and educational for your children and that can never be a bad thing even if it does slightly pull against what is going on at school.

  4. How wonderful to read this! My son is in preschool (he's 4 1/2) and I'm getting feedback that he is getting anxious about doing worksheets. All I can think is, "Well, that's because he's too little to be doing worksheets." But it is so hard not to get anxious when the school is pushing so hard for them to read so early. Thanks for sharing your relaxed attitude, and its wonderful results. Its a great reminder for me.


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