Thursday, 19 February 2009

and will a beanstalk grow mummy?

this time of year is all about planning and choosing what fruit and vegetables we are going to grow in our tiny garden. This year may even be more exciting as there is a new allotment on the horizon, which will provide us with valuable growing space. The first warm day of the year finds us checking and turning the compost bins and we are rewarded with a beautiful sweet smelling, crumbly compost ~ made even better in the knowledge that it is made from our scraps, peelings and ripped up paper. We are each choosing the things we would most like to grow; Pete ~ potato's, beans and pumpkins, Me ~ courgette and peas, Alfie ~ broccoli and tomatoes and Ted ~ carrots {his favourite}. And if we plant the bean that we found on the floor we may even grow a beanstalk too, in the hope that we will find a GIANT at the top!

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