Tuesday, 20 January 2009

we love books...

I hadn't realised quite how much we loved books until we filled four bookcases! I tried to go through and sort out what we could get rid of and I think we managed one each! I don't think I will count how many we have as that might scare me. My husband loves natural history and collects old first editions and identification guides {I am not quite sure how many mammal ID guides you need, when there are only 21 species in the UK - obviously not counting bats, dolphins or big black cats!} but we have loads!

The nice thing about it, is that our boys have absorbed this passion too through osmosis! My five year found some poo in the garden a few months ago and shouted at me "wait right there and don't move!" whilst he ran to get his favourite tracking book filled with skulls, poo and footprints and then identified it as hedgehog poo! He was just so proud and left me to explain to the neighbours, who were now quite bemused and looking over the fence, why this poo was so exciting.

1 comment:

  1. Ahhh...I love a great poo identification story. LOL!


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