Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Walk off those winter blues...

I read this in a mailing received today from classic cottages.

"The Inuit have over 100 words for snow. We have as many for walk. In order of mph (miles per hour): amble, stagger, stroll, stride, stomp, ramble, hike, plus another ninety odd nestled into the pack. But speed alone doesn't classify a walk. The where and the who matter too. Some do it alone, some do it en masse, some do it 'til they drop. With or without a map, you can forge your own virgin path or trace the steps of saints and giants."

It made me think of 'Blue Monday' which is next Monday, 19th January and meant to be the most depressing day of the year. So wherever you are, get outside take a deep breath and stride out with confidence, so blue monday doesn't get you!


  1. thank you!!!! for this post.

  2. Sometimes ignorance is bliss (I don't want the papers to be banging on about blue monday which they no doubt will).

    Must remember to definitely go for a walk then (although with little ones it's more of a dawdle).

  3. blue monday! what a concept.

    we should go on a campaign to make it yellow monday, or something cheery like that. :)


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