Tuesday, 6 January 2009

the waiting game...

My lovely friend B is currently waiting for her first baby to arrive. I think waiting for a baby to arrive is probably one of the hardest things in the world, especially your first. When you have a baby it's all about dates, due date and overdue dates in particular. Someone told me never to disclose your actual due date, to stop anxious friends and family from ringing almost daily to "check that everythings OK?" you should give out a date a week after!

Both my babies arrived late - that is late by medical opinion (charts and scans) rather than my own workings out based on evidence - and since when did a baby adhere to medical advice and know when to come out! The first ten days late the second a more respectable five. You are told to relax but your body is full of excitement and nervous energy, you have nothing to do as your house is impeccably clean and has been for weeks. The nursery is ready and your bag packed. You don't want to cook, or do anything to get it dirty again, but yet as you are overdue you are watching the dust settle again!

I also became obsessed (for want of a better word) with having matching cups and a teapot, as I was going to have SO many midwives and family visiting, I even had nightmares about it! So I have included a picture above of my mild hysterical purchasing of matching china from here and I thought the message on the cake was appropriate as I hope today was the 'birth'day!


  1. aww pregnancy is such a beautiful thing - best of luck to B!

  2. Oh, my, yes. The waiting part. Mine first two were two weeks, and then two and a half weeks, "late-" this time I am gearing myself up to think from the outset that the baby will be at least two weeks late, or I will drive myself crazy! :)

    Much luck to B playing the waiting game-

  3. Oh, those bizarre obsessions we have when we're pregnant! I recall, just before my twins were born, being adament I had to finish painting the skirting boards. Mind you, they're 10 months old now, and it's still not finished...

  4. Oh I went through the painting the skirting one too - mainly as the baby was in a breach position and the position was meant to encourage the baby to turn and I thought why not get something done at the same time! Mine too still aren't finished - I think I took the midwives advice of letting go a little too liberally!


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