Monday, 12 January 2009

striving for a simple life...

I am really trying to have a spring clean and declutter the house. We are all really bad hoarders and have piles of stuff everywhere, piles of clothes that have been grown out of or are waiting to be grown in to, piles of paperwork {where does it all come from?} and piles of photographs {obviously}. We don't have a lot of storage, although I am convinced that what we have is more than adequate, what I want to do is lead more of a simple life without so much stuff!

I look at other peoples homes, such as Nicole, Liivia and Ellas, they are so lovely and simple, full of nature, beautiful furniture, art and natural fibres. Mine is full of hand me downs - sofa's that we couldn't say no to, but are pink - yes pink I tell you - I had an extreme case of sofa envy when I read this post here! The trouble is we have still so much to do to the house, A came along so quickly after we moved in, we have been playing catch up ever since.

I have managed to make a bedside table from vintage suitcases {pictured above}, inspired from our holiday in the railway carriage last year. But I need to throw away so much - do I really need all the paperwork/assignments from my degree ten years ago - does anyone still have theirs? The trouble is the longer I hold on to things, the harder it is to throw them away as they then acquire sentimental value!


  1. love the suitcases. I adore the end result of a spring clean. I've been a hoarder in the past but now I think I'm striving for quirky simplicity. Or something along those lines x

  2. aahhh - hoarding - I am trying to overcome my addiction!! Threw my old school exercise books away about ten years ago and sometimes feel a little twinge that I should have kept them, but only once every few years so I think it was worth it to try and break the 'hoarding cycle' I like to think I hoard nice things whereas hubby just hoards rubbish - paper, paper and yet more paper!!

  3. the suitcases are really awesome and totally on my list of treasures to find.
    i finally threw away all of my school notes and binders. At first i started going through them, reminiscing, admiring my "mind mapping" style of note taking but in the end it was all or nothing and i tossed it all into the recycle bin.
    it is challenging to achieve "simple" especially with children who seem to create a lot of something from nothing (little A doesn't even want to throw away the fruit stickers) i laugh a little to see my home listed along with lovely and simple descriptions...simple only because we've moved from a 1 room to a 4 room (temporarily)and we just don't have any furniture. it's sort of nice (for now).

  4. it's you and your home that I admire! xox

  5. Oh, I know what you mean. I'm sort of a middle-of-the-road hoarder because my mother is one of those who does not keep ANYTHING that does not have an immediate, understandable purpose. So I have no keepsakes from my own childhood, which makes me a bit sad and nostalgic.

    However, I do try to keep the stored/sentimental things in a spot away from our everyday, living with things.

    Of course, right now I'm doing baby nesting, which has led to several afternoons of gleefully tossing things into the car to be taken away! It feels good.

  6. thank you ladies - I am inspired enough to have a really good spring clean, but not too severe after reading your comment kyrie about having no keepsakes - I'll send you some of mine - my mum kept EVERYTHING and even worse she keeps producing stuff I haven't seen for over 20 years - just in case I wanted it!!????

  7. i still have assignment's & notebooks from HIGHSCHOOL!
    I kid you not.
    Love love love the bedside table. (what have you got hidden inside those cases?)

  8. nothing is in the cases just yet - will probably put in photos and maybe keepsakes - could do one each for the boys - actually thinking about yesterday's post that would be a jolly good idea!

  9. I can so relate to this post, although to me your house looks fine! I never take photos of mine because it is too cluttered/not finished etc.

    That's the only trouble with blogs, I find, it can sometimes induce too much house envy in me!

  10. Hi Emma - new to this blog and have to say it's lovely!

    I've never been a hoarder - I've moved house that many times since I left home (at 16) that it was impossible for me to be sentimental. I have quite a lot of regrets when I think of fab shoes/coats/dresses I've chucked out!

    Love the suitcases as a table - what a fantastic idea!

    LBB x


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