Friday, 16 January 2009

five senses friday...

five senses friday, idea copied from here.


the new little man pictured above for the first time and just sit and wonder at him
the clouds moving in quickly from the north, bringing colder weather with them for the weekend


the sound of the cash register as the boys grow again and need new shoes
childrens feet running in through the front door, coming home after playing next door in time for tea
the sadness in a mama's voice as she copes with her little man's loss


a fizzy orange vitamin C tablet disolved in water as I try and avoid catching another cough or cold
salt as I kiss away the tears from my little ones face as he has bumped his head


the sea as I pay for the balance of our holiday
chimney smoke which lingers through the village on these cold winter days
notes of orange and cinnamon from my favourite winter spice candle


a mixture of emotions when my son shows me evidence that a new tooth is pushing up ready to knock his baby teeth out of the way {so symbolic}
very broody because of the little man pictured above!
tired as this is the end of a long week and I have housework to do this weekend


  1. love it!! and your lil man is so adorable
    Love reading your blog. Keep them coming and try not to let the house work keel you down

  2. I meant KEEP you down,,cant type today for some reason,maybe the artic air blowing into georgia :(

  3. love the idea! possibly stealing . . . :P

  4. Debbie - he's not my little man unfortunately, but a dear friends - but he is very new and lovely.
    copperseal - see the link at the top - idea stolen from nicole - the habit of being - I never have an original idea!

  5. well congrats to your friend,he is a cutie pie

  6. hey now, I actually stole this from someone, too.

    have a wonderful weekend with your family, friend! xo


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