Monday, 26 January 2009

34 things...

number 24 - eat at Jamie's Italian

inspired by this post here, I have put together my own list of 34 things I am going to do this year before turning 35!
  1. master the art of baking bread! ✓
  2. row a boat
  3. make campfire bread
  4. go for a wild swim in the River Windrush
  5. catch a crab by fishing on a harbour wall
  6. go for another road trip in a VW camper van - courtesy of winning Snail Trail's 'happy snappies' competition
  7. toast crumpets in front of an open fire
  8. stay in a tipi
  9. see Paul Weller live at westonbirt arboretum
  10. lie on the top of the highest hill and watch the clouds go by ✓
  11. see a glow worm for the first time on a summer's eve
  12. make a pair of pyjama's for Ted's dog ✓
  13. travel to Paris by train from St.Pancras Station {this may be wildly ambitious and too expensive!}
  14. find a hat that suits me ✓
  15. Give Ted the best 3rd birthday party based on his favourite book 'We're going on a bear hunt'
  16. Find an old photobooth and take loads of pictures!
  17. Celebrate our new 'allotments' and get digging!
  18. Make homemade marshmallows and toast over a bonfire ✓
  19. fill a jar with magical thinking - I wish I had found out about this years ago!
  20. hold hands with the Mr.
  21. get my eyes tested and accept the fact that I probably need glasses
  22. get a pedicure and paint toe nails red {I have never painted my toe nails!}
  23. project a classic black and white movie against the wall outside and watch under the stars
  24. eat at Jamie's Italian restaurant Bath ✓
  25. make/source nature's kit bags to give as birthday gifts this year ✓
  26. swim in the sea filled rock pool at Cape Cornwall ✓
  27. leave a random happy message in a library book to make someones day! ✓
  28. help Alfie plan and organise his fancy dress party ✓
  29. go punting along the River Cam
  30. renew my passport {number 13 depends upon this one!}
  31. find a reason to dress up again after the fun we had on new years eve!
  32. learn how to load 600 film into my sx-70 vintage polaroid
  33. find the perfect dressing up box for all of the boys dressing up clothes
  34. slow down!


  1. Well done, fingers crossed you get to accomplish them all!

  2. I love your list. can we do it all together? xo

  3. Absolutely love number 27. I need to do number 34, too! Really like your photo for Unravelling. Very honest!

  4. Brilliant list! I may pinch number 19.. I also recommend Cambridge Punt Company for number 29 ;)


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