Thursday, 30 October 2008

winter sends a sign...

winter sends a sign..., originally uploaded by Emma Bradshaw.

...that it is not too far away. Some very cold frosty nights and flurries of snow here, too early in the year for my liking!

I read a few weeks ago of a German women who had been arrested after cycling with her two year old child naked in the child seat, in very cold weather. She has been charged with offences of cruelty! Her justification for doing this "My two year old wouldn't get dressed so I was teaching him a lesson." - As I read this I am shaking my head, tutting, thinking what a bad mother.

Then, just as life always does when you judge others, the same happens to you. Not that I have been cycling anywhere with a clotheless child, good gracious, me - cycle! No, my two year old, decided he too would object to wearing anymore than a t-shirt! He will not wear a coat or a jumper. Well we often have a 30 minute gentle coaxing routine, followed by a "if you don't do this" five minute stand off, then a "why can't you be like your older brother" exasperated eye role {he knows he is winning at this point - as I have usually gone off to rant at his father as I am late and losing this battle of stubborness}. It finishes inevitably with a "fine, we will have to go without you", as we walk out of the door. Leaving an upset two year, who then agrees to wear his coat. He does mind you not agree to wear the hat, scarf or mittens!

Every morning I take a deep breath and hope each day he will have forgotten his protests - either that or we will have to move to sunnier climbs!

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