Sunday, 12 October 2008

How to be s l o w . . .

{extract from 'Go Slow England' by Alastair Sawday}

Write a letter to your mother/sister/best friend
Plan your days around large communal meals
Check emails only twice a day
buy local, buy organic and research recipes that use seasonal produce
Make your own stock, soups and sauces
Learn to meditate
Cook with your children
Have a proper afternoon tea
Plant trees, knowing they will be fully grown after you have gone
Write a diary
Play a board game
Light the fire and turn off the TV
Work from home some of the week
Take granny for a walk
Use public transport
Bake a cake
Knit a scarf
Make a scrapbook for you children out of the memories of their childhood

I am relieved after yesterday's post that there are more things I can tick off this list than yesterday's (phew). But I must do more, I must spend more time planning and preparing meals, I must not work just a few more minutes that ultimately turn into hours of overtime and I really must learn to be calm and not rush everywhere, there really is no need!

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