Saturday, 13 September 2008

run away with me to the circus and let's dine under the stars...

I am a huge fan of Giffords Circus, which tours the Cotswolds every summer. I have only ever been in the daytime with children, but last night we went in the evening and stayed for the meal afterwards... which was amazing. This is their last venue of the year and the weather was wet and the ground muddy, but inside the crowd cheered and the performers gave so much energy and enthusiasm, it was great and so nice to watch without a child sitting on my lap so I could clap, cheer and belly laugh to my hearts content!

The restaurant - circus sauce was amazing, you dine together on long tables, laid out with matching Emma Bridgewater crockery, sharing huge platters of seasonal food. The kitchen is in one of the Showmans waggons and then the dining area is under an attached tarpaulin. I just can't wait until next year!


  1. yet another amazing experience.

  2. so much fun! my latest issue of Travel + Leisure features the Cotswalds as well. I must say, you and the article make it so very appealing ... someday!


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