Friday, 26 September 2008

nature club: making birdseed biscuits

there are plenty of seeds and fruits on the trees for birds at this time of year, but as it gets colder and the trees shed their leaves, we start to think about putting seed out to supplement the birds natural diet as winter sets in.

Making bird seed biscuits is a fun way to engage children with feeding birds, all you need is butter, flour and bird seed and make as if you were making biscuits. You put a hole through the middle before baking so that you can hang your biscuits up.

alternately you can make these in yogurt pots with some melted fat and seeds, pop them in the fridge to harden, again making sure you pop some string through, so that you can turn out of the pot and hang up your own fat ball!

They also make great gifts to bird loving friends and family!

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  1. Hi!! I stumbled over this and was wondering if you would PLEASE be willing to share your recipe?!
    p.s. I had a blast reading some of your Green Christmas Advice!


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