Thursday, 25 September 2008

look what I've grown!

look what I've grown! , originally uploaded by Emma Bradshaw.

and still our supply of courgettes continues from just one plant! Luckily we love courgettes and eat them fried in a little butter. They taste green and of summer, picking them from the plant before quickly cooking and serving within minutes. Food cannot get any fresher, tastier and without less food miles!

It makes me sad when I hear of children who don't grow vegetables and have the simple pleasure of watching their own seeds grow into things they can eat! This is why allotments, community farms and school grounds are so so important.

We have still heard nothing from our local council after requesting an allotment facility for our village, it has been two months now!

still waiting, emma x

p.s. guess who is playing rugby now?


  1. love the word courgette :) so fancy!]congrats!

  2. they're great! and your boys are lovely.
    I give up, who's playing rugby now? (my eldest son's been playing since he was 5, my eldest daughter has just joined the girls team at college and I was captain of the ladies team here for a year and a half - never guess this was a rugby house huh?)


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