Sunday, 28 September 2008

curry, cardigans and candlelight...

I have had such a lovely birthday and to top it off we managed a grown up night! an evening with some lovely friends, dining outdoors {yes in September!} under the stars!

a homemade thai curry and pilau rice, with sag paneer, naan bread and popadoms - yum! Just remember - don't tie up your tea lights with string, which is apparantly quite flammable, as it burned through, sending hot wax all over the table - looked good while it lasted though!


  1. How lovely. Wish I had been a ladybug on a nearby flower that evening. Happy birthday!

  2. happy birthday, Emma! looks and sounds delicious.

  3. oh yay. a little more happy for your birthday. this looks so cozy. add that to your list of c's. thanks for the string tip. i'll keep that in mind should i ever find myself as ambitious as this.
    really really beautiful. Happy Birthday.

  4. oh, happy birthday,it was mine also this weekend :o)

    The table, the tea lights, the oh so beautiful and delicious looking cake and a wonderful curry sounds and looks heavenly.

    All the very best

  5. your blog - your life - is so beautiful.


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