Thursday, 18 September 2008


I love breakfasts; porridge on a cold morning, a fully cooked english breakfast {fried bread, eggs, beans, tomato, mushrooms, sausage and bacon}, a bowl of museli, croissants or some mushrooms on toast for brunch straight after buying them from the farmer's market on a Saturday morning, accompanied by a hot cup of tea (above).

I am not however, a morning person and given the choice would rather have breakfast a little later to enjoy at my leisure rather than the speedy ritual it has become as I prefer to spend every last moment in bed!

What's your favourite breakfast?


  1. I've got a dodgy tummy so can't really manage more than a banana in the mornings, but my boy likes his oatibix (and often has 6!) and my girl plumps for porridge. I mash a banana in for both of them... so I guess bananas is our favourite breakfast stuff!

    If they're lucky (and he wakes up in time) their daddy cooks them pancakes!

  2. I love love love crunchy nut corn flakes but they're terribly fattening so at the moment it's either a bowl of bran flakes (which are actually really nice) or a couple of yoghurts. But my absolutely favourite breakfast is a poached egg on potato bread - courtesy of my mum!

  3. Hey another Emma Bridgewater fan I see. I also notice your only having one slice of're so good.

    We're porrige fans here, although I hate cleaning the saucepan, its always a nice, warm, homely start to the day.

    I have to say that a big mug of tea and a bacon sarrnie is my personal fav.

    I've just finished the book...cant wait to discuss :o(

    have a good weekend, ClareX


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