Wednesday, 13 August 2008

the taste of summer

punnet, originally uploaded by Emma Bradshaw.

there is nothing better than the taste of strawberries in the summer apart from maybe the smell of sweet peas. Our local fruit farm grows it's strawberries in raised beds - probably very good pest control but I miss sitting in the tiny ailes on straw eating as many as I pick! Come to that I miss the sun that would usually accompany theres trips!

What is happening to our weather? last summer was the wettest on record and this summer is very wet too. Is it that you think of your childhood full of bright sunny days, when there actually weren't that many or is this our climate getting warmer and wetter as predicted. I didn't think the effect would be so great in my lifetime, I remember cold winter days and deep snow every year but my son has only seen snow about three or four times in his five years!

If predictions are anything to go by the climate will shift so that our wildlife will have to move 400 km north (Cumbria) in just fifty years - the snails just won't make it! In fact in 100 years our local wildlife won't have any 'climate space' left and fall off the top of Scotland!

We know the facts, but there are still countries that still will not be accountable for their actions, burning fossil fuels on a colosall scale. These great nations of the developed world won't be the first affected either, no it will be the developing world hit by droughts and food shortage.

It isn't much to ask to change a lightbulb to an energy efficient one - is it?


  1. Emma, good points today, once again. The country you speak of is my own and it seems that to get movement on an issue it takes the private sector to lay a path so that policies MUST follow. Individuals need to set their own examples. There is certainly an awareness of this among my peers, however, in a country so vast and diverse i wonder whether a majority considers the ramifications ... and I am a conservative. Ha ha.

    Also, here's an article my husband drafted on the lightbulbs:


  2. thank you Molly, I was thinking of China and others aswell. It is so inspiring to meet people from around the world that share the same opinions and beliefs, making small differences day by day. It is just a shame that these great nations we live in, cannot effect change more quickly and effectively!


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